Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Gifting

My 8 year old garnished the wrappings below with her own choice of materials.  Great job June.  I was too tired to do anymore trimming of gifts.  June was so excited to give him an apple peeler/corer that she picked out at Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I was skeptical that this was a desire of Matt's heart.  She insisted he would love it.  Just as I thought, she was peeling and coring apples for us to snack on throughout the day.  Clearly it was her dream and not Matt's.  Matt can't wait to give her a water purifier from R.E.I. for her birthday in a couple weeks.  The scroll is a beautiful mural, created by Junie Bug herself for her Daddy.  Every Father's Day must include a homemade card in the mix, don't you think?
 I love that the local Harmon's Grocery carries every kind of brewed root beer under the sun.  I'm sure the location off Bangerter Highway has even more of a selection. I picked out several gourmet brands for us to have a family tasting Monday night with him.  He is the best Pop, after all.  The girls chose this great book on basketball for their crazy dad coach.  He loved it.  The moustache box was my little project that I promised I would share tomorrow.  Can't wait.  It might be my new favorite tie.
The morning included breakfast at Grandpa Clair's.  We attended our Sunday church service, I nearly slept through, (Remember how I procrastinate?  I was up until 4:15 am sewing & painting.  The details...)  Then I made his favorite meal of chicken legs (skin and all), rosemary roasted fingerling potatoes, hot rolls, and salad.  We finished off the night with a homemade dessert bar with all the extended Ferres.  I think he was content at the end of the day.  That makes me happy.  Happy Father's Day to all the papas, dads, fathers and any derivative of the word, (not that any read my blog, even my own man doesn't!)  I never did get to talk to my own dad.  I think he's on the road.  Hope he knows how I feel.  

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