Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Robin and a Cinderella-esque Day

Saturday while stripping furniture from their layers of history on my back porch, I turn around to see where these little chirps were coming from, only to find this little robin bathing in a puddle.  It wouldn't move as I came in closer.  I ran inside to grab my camera and quickly snapped this shot, thinking at any moment the bird would fly away. I was less than 6 inches away.   
Nope, it sat right there and stared at me.  It almost seemed to be posing for me with a very stoic face.  The whole day it stayed with me while I worked.  The day had sort of a Cinderella-esque feel.  The weather was fairy tale perfect with a nice breeze.  I waited for the mice to come from under the barbecue grill to talk to me and stitch up some curtains for June's room with birds singing as they tie up drapery sashes with their beaks.  Throughout the day, I heard calls to the robin's mother and her answers back.  Finally, around 7 pm, it walked away and disappeared into the grass.  Thank you Sweet Robin for your company today.  I hope you feel better.

As far as my progress for Saturday, I finished removing the paint from the desk drawers and then went on to tackle June's dresser.  See my progress?  If I were Rachel Ashwell, I would be pretty much done.

I took a razor knife to all these little ornate carvings that were so lost in all the layers of paint.    

The cheap white Martha Stewart layer from Kmart was the first to go.  The worst paint ever.  The brush marks were pathetic.  It stayed tacky for 15 years, leaving marks and indents from whatever I put on it's surface.  I remember thinking when I painted it for my first baby, if it was a Martha Stewart brand, it must be the best.  She offered a great color palette.  And of course, she refinished all her furniture using her own paint.  My first clue should have been the $8 price tag for the can.  The red layer was next.  My in-laws painted it this color for Matt's room when he was little.  Then off came the ivory layer followed by the original butter yellow, which must have been for my father-in-law's nursery.  I think I want to paint it back to this original yellow.  It must have been so sweet.  Clair was the baby in his family.  June is the baby in ours.  It's final, I'm not painting it the lemongrass green she begged for, see how bold the color is here.  Don't you agree?  I'll paint her a chair in the green, but this dresser is going to be butter yellow.

Now who's gonna tell her?
photo courtesy of Amy Little.  Love her.

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