Monday, June 6, 2011

Confessions of a Thrifting Shopoholic: The Planets Were Aligned Today

Lots of fabulous finds today.  
I had to do some fabric shopping for a girls camp project. I won't get into the whys, but I had to wait around for an hour before I could make my purchase.  I was definitely done looking at the fabric store, and became increasingly impatient about the wait. 

Until I realized what was next door.
A favorite thrift store, SAVERS.  
I smiled and skipped over tossing flowers in my path.

Good choice. 

Among several other scores not pictured, like: {2 pairs of Converse tennis shoes} in excellent condition for June, brand new {Cole Haan woven leather sandals} in just my size, a great {Columbia half-zip pullover} for running, and a {Walter Rane religious art book} I didn't know it even existed, but I've been looking for one with this collection of his art since I visited his exhibit in St. George last October.
I found:
*A dozen tarnished silver goblets, an amazing find for my 
Can't you see these with a couple great candelabras?
*A great hardback book, Inside the Not So Big House, co-authored by one of my favorite residential architects, 
Sarah Susanka.
If you want an architect who shares a similar philosophy, visit THIS website.

*2 more vintage glass party trays that match the 15 that my little sis bought while visiting last week.  She broke one packing it in her car. She was so upset, claiming they are just so rare to find, how can she ever replace it? I love it when serendipity plays out.  
Besides, she may want to have a bigger party. 
Like for 16, right?

*4 cherry wood individual salad bowls from Williams-Sonoma.  
Brand. New.  
I remember when these were offered in the catalog years back, I wanted a set so badly.  
I know it was during the second week of May that six of the planets were aligned, 
but I'm still receiving good karma from the Universe.

*16 mini tart pans to match the hundred that I inherited from my grandmother.  
*A very nice retro sewing book from 1967.  
Shows the real way to tailor clothing.  
A great reference book.
And Drumroll please...the final great find with an unbelievable $5 price tag:
*A great little nightstand, circa 1960 is my guess.
Nice color. It's definitely getting repainted.  
This will be for me.  
I've never had a nightstand.
How nice to have a place for my current reads.
It even has a drawer to hide my messy lists...
 and thrifting receipts.

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