Friday, June 10, 2011

The Seven Layer Desk

First comes pink, followed by red.  I believe taupe was a light coat afterthought, because I scrape right through it to notice the bright white.  And then I get stuck at the royal blue.  At this point, another application of the stripper is needed.  The blue and green kind of go out together.  If I'm real lucky, I get the last three all in one scrape.  But usually, when I get near the base, the honey yellow layer is pretty stubborn.  Ummm, that's 7 layers.  S-E-V-E-N.  Definitely a biblical creation period.  The instructions sounded so easy.  And of course the pictures show it bubbling up and effortlessly scrape right off.

This better be one gorgeous desk in the end.

If not, $10 was a rip off.

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